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Organization and Content of Training Experience


The Training Program offers a wide range of clinical experiences.  All interns provide individual and group therapy on an inpatient psychiatric unit; provide testing/consultation services; participate in didactic training and supervision; and may provide additional services within other programs in the hospital.  Each trainee has a Primary Supervisor whose role is to oversee the training experience in its entirety.  This Primary Supervisor develops individual training goals, completes and reviews quarterly evaluations of competencies and individual training goals, and is available to discuss all aspects of the clinician's experience during the program year.



Internships begin July 1 and end June 30, and are completed on a full-time basis (2000 hours).  During the Department Orientation, the Director collaborates with Interns and Supervisors to outline a specific schedule of activities and supervision hours based on each Intern's responsibilities and activities.


Psychology Interns are expected to be on site 8:15am - 4:45pm.  Doctoral Interns are on the Clinical Placement 5 days a week M-F (full-time, 40-45 hours per week), meeting with staff at 8:15am in a shared Flash meeting for all department members, and ending at 4:45pm after another Flash meeting for department members.


In addition, staff typically come in early and/or stay late to complete paperwork; they are expected to stay until services, documentation, and disposition of program participants are complete.

Direct Service


Interns maintain an individual caseload on an inpatient unit of 10-12 individuals, including individual therapy and treatment team for these program participants; 2-4 groups; and therapeutic community activities on the inpatient unit.   In addition, they respond to testing and therapy consults on other units.  Each Intern completes a minimum of 3 comprehensive batteries and reports for the year.  All interns are required to provide a minimum of 25% direct service (125 per quarter and 500 for the year), and have opportunities to provide as much as 50% direct service.  


Core Clinical Experience


The clinical placements provide broad and general training and allow development of specialty skills, work with diverse populations, and participation on interdisciplinary teams.  Trainees typically work with multiple supervisors and peers at any one time.  The Primary Supervisor typically remains the same throughout the year, but the other supervisors and team members may change depending on the services provided and training needs of the intern.  Interns work in inpatient psychiatry, and may provide additional clinical services on residential addictions units as needed.


As part of the core experience for all interns, each intern provides treatment planning, group and individual therapy, behavioral plans and interventions, psychological testing, milieu support, and collaboration with the interdisciplinary treatment team for a caseload of 10-12 participants on an inpatient psychiatric unit.  Each participant is on the unit for several months to a year or more; therefore, we anticipate each intern will have approximately 15-25 different individuals on their caseloads over the course of the year.  In addition, each intern will provide group therapy and milieu support for others on their units; therefore they will provide services with approximately 20-40 additional individuals on their units. 


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