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Overview of Clinical Training


Inpatient Psychiatry   (8:30am-12:30pm daily)                                20 hrs (50%)

​​Direct Clinical Services, Rounds, and Treatment Team

Clinical Roundtable and Case Conference on the Unit

Consultation and PI Projects   (Afternoons TWH)                            2-4 hrs (5-10%)

Testing and Therapy Consults as Assigned

PI and Community Projects as Assigned

Staff Trainings and Support on other Units as Assigned

Documentation and Planning (Administrative- Afternoons)       8-10 hrs (20-25%)


Learning Activities                                                                             8 hrs (20%)

Supervision  (TWH Afternoons)

Didactics       (F  2:30-4:30pm)

Case Conference & Team Meetings  (M  2-4pm)

Administrative/Flash Meetings  (M-F  8:15am & 4:30pm)





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