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Objectives of the Training Program


  1. To provide to Psy.D. and Ph.D students a comprehensive, quality doctoral internship and residency training program which meets the training standards of the Association of Psychology Doctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC), the American Psychological Association (APA), and the PA State Psychology Board requirements for doctoral internship and residency experience. 

  2. To support local masters and doctoral programs by offering practicum placements, internships, and residencies to their students and graduates. 

  3. To provide a training program in which practicum students, interns and residents address their professional development needs and interests while acquiring skills, knowledge, and scholarly values related to training and licensure in clinical and counseling psychology. 

  4. To provide interdisciplinary training opportunities in a variety of programs with diverse populations, and develop both broad and specialized assessment, diagnostic, intervention, and consultation skills. 

  5. To provide students a learning community of peers who come together to share learning activities and discuss training experiences to learn from and support each other. 

  6. To provide hierarchical peer mentoring opportunities through clinical teams integrated in each clinical rotation, and consisting of a licensed psychologist, resident, or intern, and practicum students. 

  7. To provide opportunities to train and mentor with multiple psychologists, psychiatrists, and other healthcare providers across other disciplines. 

  8. To foster the passion and skills for trainees to continue to pursue a career that includes service to underserved populations. 

  9. To facilitate the development of a scholarly attitude, professional behavior and identity, professional involvement in the local community, and a desire to contribute to he greater whole/ community. 



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