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Programs and Services

Adapting to the needs of the community it serves, North Philadelphia Health System is unique in that it offers a comprehensive continuum of care in addiction and psychiatry services, including detoxification, residential, inpatient, intensive outpatient, and outpatient services.  Through these services we are helping to address issues at the forefront of local and national concerns:  including severe mental illness, forensic mental healthcare, opioid addiction, substance abuse, and homelessness.  

All Psychology Interns provide the full range of clinical services (biopsychosocial evaluation, individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, and psychological testing) to program participants in inpatient psychiatry.  

​Inpatient Psychiatry

All interns work throughout the year on one of three inpatient psychiatry units with a total of approximately 60 beds.  All program participants are adults over age 18, with psychiatric diagnoses predominantly severe, including bipolar disorder, recurrent major depression, schizoaffective disorder, and schizophrenia, with most also diagnosed with PTSD and substance use disorders.  Length of stay ranges up to a year or more.  The majority of participants are involuntarily committed following court proceedings, and many are transferred from the state hospital or prison after being found incompetent to stand trial for pending or previous charges.  Utilizing transformation and recovery oriented care, we help them to reduce and cope with symptoms, improve relationships and quality of living, reduce barriers to recovery, facilitate self-care and relapse prevention, and foster engagement in community activities so they can optimize their ability to recover and live in the community.  


Addictions Services

Addictions services include medically based detoxification and rehabilitation; three Residential units for Co-occurring Disorders (a Residential Treatment Facility for Adults; and Miracles in Progress I & II programs for chronically homeless men); four Residential units for Addictions (including programs for Women, Latino Mean, and those referred by the court systems and individuals seeking medication assisted  treatment); and outpatient substance use programs, including services with and without medication assisted treatment.  In these programs there are approximately 658 participants in the Goldman Medicated Assisted Treatment, 61 in IOP/CAP, and 120 in the Residential Addictions Programs. 


As needed, Psychology Interns collaborate with and support staff in residential and outpatient addictions programs by providing clinical services on their units and through staff trainings.  For example, Psychology Interns provide testing and therapy services on residential and addictions programs in response to consultation requests to help program participants address barriers to their recovery and to their engagement in the services provided on their units.   

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