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Program Aim, Training Goals & Competencies

The Aim of our Training Program is to train doctoral level interns to provide evidence-based psychological services, working within multi-disciplinary teams, across all levels of care, levels of functioning, and stages of change.  Interns receive instruction, clinical experience, and supervision designed to facilitate the achievement of several major goals (Clinical Knowledge and Skills, Scholarly Attitude, and Professional Conduct and Identity) and related competencies.  It is expected at the conclusion of the training experience doctoral interns will have mastered competency for entry level practice, with minimum rating of each competency at High-Intermediate Competency, with supervision needed only for non-routine cases. 

Goal 1: Clinical Knowledge and Skills

To provide interdisciplinary training experiences in inpatient and outpatient levels of care working with program participants at various levels of functioning and stages of change, for interns to develop broad and specialized diagnostic interviewing, assessment, intervention, consultation, and supervision skills. 

  1. Evidence-Based Diagnostic Interviewing
  2. Evidence-Based Assessment
  3. Evidence-Based Intervention
  4. Supervision
  5. Integration of Advanced Concepts (Self and Other)

Goal 2: Scholarly Attitude

To facilitate the development of a scholarly attitude, with appreciation for individal and cultural diversity, scholarly inquiry, and ongoing study and integration of current theory and research. 

  1. Individual & Cultural Diversity
  2. Professional Values, Attitudes, & Behaviors
  3. Research

Goal 3: Professional Conduct and Identity

To foster professional behavior and identity development, including respectful and professional relationships, professional responsibility, ethical and legal reasoning and behavior, and engagement in the professional development process and professional community. 

  1. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  2. Consultation & Interprofessional/ Interdisciplinary Skills
  3. Ethical and Legal Standards
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