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We provide effective, evidence based behavioral health services to participants that inspires hope, encourages change and improves our community.  We offer these services in a manner that is spiritually and culturally sensitive and responsive to community needs. 



We strive to be the region's premier provider of a continuum of Behavioral Health Services. 





Recognizing and supporting the participant's right to decide



Expecting and embracing change



Doing the right thing because it is the right thing



Listening to the concerns and needs of our customers



Providing care with skill, good judgment and polite behavior that is expected by a person who is trained to do a job well

Girard Medical Center is a private hospital that provides psychiatric and addiction services for adults in lower north Philadelphia and surrounding communities.  The community has a highly diverse population and thus provides a rich sociocultural experience for clinical training. 


Program participants include African American (55%), Caucasian (40%), Hispanic (15%), and other adult participants 18 years and older, typically diagnosed with co-occurring psychiatric disorders and addictions, and with history of significant and persistent violence and trauma.  Approximately 65% are male, 35% female, and an unknown percentage are transgender.  Approximately 75% are diagnosed with co-occurring disorders, 15% are diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis without a substance use disorder, and 10% are diagnosed with a substance use disorder without a mental health disorder.  For those with substance use disorders, 85% have multiple drugs of choice, and their primary drug of choice includes opiates (65%), cocaine (20%), benzodiazepines (10%), and alcohol (5%). 


Training Site

   Mission     Vision      Values

801 W. Girard Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19122



We Care for the Community

Under the banner "We Care for the Community", Girard Medical Center houses what is likely the most complete behavioral health continuum in Pennsylvania.  It is a vital part of GMC's ability to serve a community with multiple and complex needs, and is comprised of a comprehensive continuum of outpatient and inpatient/residential psychiatric and addictions services, offering stabilization as well as programs for ongoing and long-term recovery.

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